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Do you have a tradeshow? Then you need an experienced and reputable trade show management company like ASTS Events and Conferences. We provide top Trade Shows/Fairs services in Dubai leading by the number of successful tradeshows we have had. What to Expect when you work with us Detailed strategic event planning every step of the way – Thanks to decades of experience, ASTS Events and Conferences we know what works for a trade show and what is a waste of time. During the planning phase, ASTS Events and Conferences teams work with the clients to design an overall sensible floor plan and event flow from registration to expo theaters and award programs. We create very close ties with our clients. ASTS Events and Conferences has personalized approach to building a strong working relationship based on trust, a detailed understanding of your requirements and the ability to anticipate your needs. Throughout the activity, our staff works hand in hand with you to help you achieve your goals. ASTS Events and Conferences remains in frequent contact with clients hence is easy to involve the client when it comes to making important decisions. Since we practice open communication strategies that do not follow a hierarchy, we are very open minded.

Laying a Plan
As part of your trade show management team, ASTS Events and Conferences becomes an extension of your staff. We accompany you to give great Trade Shows/Fairs services in Dubai with a detailed site visit and use our expertise to assist you in creatively planning your event. Our creative team goes the extra mile to design concepts. And they work with you to incorporate your show theme graphics into detailed, custom designs based on your needs. Once the design package is approved, our production staff sets deadlines and assigns duties and responsibilities for each member of our team.

Before the trade show
ASTS Events and Conferences places a great deal of emphasis on intricate planning all aspects of you’re a tradeshow, from design, budget, and logistical coordination to documenting the processing. Immediately structural items have been setup such as the podium, we start checking if we meet our objectives. We provide Trade Shows/Fairs services in Dubai to finalize the installation all the way to the time the event shall end. Our production management and freight management teams create a detailed plan that outlines every element of the event, including shipping, material handling and special freight deliveries. For more information, contact ASTS Events and Conferences through our contact form and let’s help you!


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