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As a CEO in Dubai, it is very important to have board management skills. One prerequisite for an effective board is holding meetings to discuss company agendas objectively. In Dubai alone, with its booming business industry, there are over 1000 board meetings every day. The reality is that most of these board meetings are organized by top events management companies, and ASTS Events and Conferences is at the forefront when it comes to board meeting planning and management for Board Meetings Services In Dubai. For many new venture CEOs organizing a board meeting is a new experience, one that leaves bad taste in many mouths. ASTS Events and Conferences has a wealth of experience in planning and managing board meetings and here are some rules that we would like to share with you.

1- Avoid complications

The best way to manage your board meeting is to take help of Board Meetings Services In Dubai from us and hiring a special team from ASTS Events and Conferences to run the details of the meeting for you as Event Management Company In Dubai. Never forget, the success of the company is the most important goal and the one that the board cares about the most.

2.) Communicate in time

Formally, collectively , informally, and individually, communication is essential. Surprises are very fatal so avoid them with effective communication. Your board members are most likely busy with diaries full at the beginning of every year so communicate the date for the meeting early

3.) Get and keep your hands dirty

You cannot fail to be on top of any happenings in your company. Even the smallest like what an event managing company is doing. Ask your PR officer to give you reports of the meeting plans so you know of the progress and have a copy of events.

4.) Be resourceful

Direct the specific that you would like included in the meeting venue. Get help of Board Meetings Services In Dubai in what services we will offer other than the arrangement of venue, transport and possibly video coverage and broadcasting. In the years that we have managed events, we have learned a few things that can make a board meeting disastrous and that should be avoided:

Trying to do so much in such a little time; creating a long list of agendas does not guarantee exhaustive and conclusive discussion of company issues.
Failing to create a checklist for activities and accessories needed during the meeting
Changing venues without official communication
Neglecting specific needs of persons like those with disability
Running parallel events on the same day such as staff meeting
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