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Galas dinners and production

Through impressive audio visual services, stunning stage designs and lighting displays, and full event production management, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your awards night or gala dinner as Best Event Management Company In Dubai. ASTS Events and Conferences`s integrated approach ensures every technical service we provide will complement each other, creating a seamless experience from stage to screen, for all attendees. ASTS Events and Conferences can custom design impressive stage sets and bring them to life using the latest in vision and projection strategies. We create dramatic and ambient venues with crystal-clear audio, modern lighting systems with spectacular lighting effects. We are the first ones to get to the gala venue and the last to leave. Being Dubai’s only integrated event services provider, you can rely on ASTS Events and Conferences to add flavor to your event with the latest and most trusted event production equipment and ideas which will leave a lasting impression. Take advantage of ASTS Events and Conferences!s in-house styling, theming and multimedia design solutions. Let ASTS Events and Conferences immerse your guests in a very captivating experience with our creative gala dinner production skills. From the little details such as table centerpieces, to the very majestic red carpets, we style up every inch of the venue. Whether you’re after bespoke styling concepts or looking to bring a simple classic theme to life, we have every skill, tool and personnel to make it happen.

Your Dream Gala Dinner Producer

ASTS Events and Conferences believes that anything you can imagine, we can design and create for you as Best Event Management Company In Dubai. After all, everyone has a dream about their success and it is just to make your dreams come true through a spectacular gala dinner. ASTS Events and Conferences makes arrangement for incorporating live audience polling into your Gala dinner. What a brilliant way to keep guests amused and engaged all night long. These polls can be used to vote the best in virtually any category – dressing, dancing, cooking etc. Social Media for Gala Dinner Production Spreading the message of your gala dinner is a great way for creating publicity for your business. ASTS Events and Conferences celebrates award achievements on social media with our powerful social media for events platform. We use webinar tools, like broadcasts, steaming services and phone dialing as Best Event Management Company In Dubai to take your event to the next level. ASTS Events and Conferences will give your guests the platinum experience. By incorporating the latest event technology, your galas and dinners will benefit from the latest variety of interactive communications tools, bringing you and your guests even closer.


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