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The new of digital marketing through the internet has brought about new ways to do business, advertise and promote services. ASTS Events and Conferences is one of those companies ridding the high waves when it comes to being tech-savvy, sleek and on point for the consumers. We provide great product launches services in Dubai and among other events, we are the leader in the product launch niche.

ASTS Events and Conferences has produced countless local and international brand and product launch events. We know how to create experiences and brand awareness, publicity. With exciting team of talented marketers, we create a buzz to build sales momentum, connect with your audience and for concept delivery. ASTS Events and Conferences can assist in all elements of a successful and memorable delivery of your product, whether it is new, or a complete rebranding. A successful product launch requires an appropriate theme, message, suitable venue and powerful content to resonate with your target audience whether it is for a trade, media or public delivery. ASTS Events and Conferences team will ensure that the product launches services in Dubai is as unique as your product or brand as we are insight led and strategically driven. We work with our clients from brief to the live event to ensure clear positioning and messaging, established launch goals, an ability to leverage the event and best timing for an integrated approach to maximize sales and positive return on your investment.

ASTS Events and Conferences will provide great product launches services in Dubai and look after every event detail from creative design and invitations to budgeting, venues, catering, staffing, entertainment, audio and visual technical requirements, production design and comprehensive and detailed post event debriefing. Here are a few things we would like you to learn about product launch • Launching a product is all about the first impressions in the first 5 minutes. • Make it memorable for your audience! • Get your product launch right and success comes to you and the company. Get it wrong and its years of research and development down the drain. We’ve been involved in some spectacularly successful product launches for some of the toughest industries in Dubai – the beauty industry, real estate and the automotive industry. The big secret is to keep it simple and direct. By the time of your new product or service launch, we might even know the product benefits and features better than you! Your audience will find the product launch exciting and informative because that is what we do.


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