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ASTS Events and Conferences is a full service events management company. Our team of experienced specialists work behind the scenes to ensure that your specific meeting, training event or convention leaves a positive impression. ASTS Events Company experience in providing Sales Training Services In Dubai and managing sales training spans over 10 years. Here are a few tips for managing sales training:

What ASTS offering for Sales Training Services in Dubai?

Find a nice venue
We have said over and over that the venue of an event contributes over 50% to its success. ASTS Events and Conferences provides great Sales Training Services in Dubai and makes the best choices when it comes to venues. We know that our clients need fun and spacious locations

Keep time
Time is a factor in everything. You don’t want to delay people who have come from far to listen to your wisdom. As a sales team trainer, you should be there before everyone else. Possibly find a space in the crowd and engage in a little chitchat before they realize you are the guests speaker. It creates a good impression of you as a good sales man

Allocate enough money
Sales training events can cost a lot of money, but it’s good to do them right when you decide to. They are the major source of revenue for your company after all. How much is enough money? A tricky question that most people want the event manager – ASTS Events and Conferences to respond to. We say, once you have drawn a budget, that is when you know much enough money is enough. Want us to help you with sales training events budgeting? Be our guest!

Excite Participants
Your participants don’t want to listen to your talks all the time in the training. Create an activity that is interesting. A team building activity by ASTS Events and Conferences will leave every team member motivated and looking forward to your talk. They shall have seen the idea practically.

Provide meals
Anticipating what your guest may like is one thing, meeting their actual desire is another. ASTS Events and Conferences provides Sales Training Services In Dubai and knows too well not to provide just one menu. We always plan to offer several entries or menu choices to ensure that all guests will be pleased with their meal.

Here are some general tips to consider:

  • Offer at least three options of entries (four is even better)
  • Offer three to four salad dressing choices for salad courses
  • Serve all condiments on the side
  • Offer three dessert options: one healthy, one very indulgent ASTS Events and Conferences would like to plan your sales training event and make it an awesome event. Contact us today for more information.
Sales Training


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