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Exhibition showcases sophisticated marketing shows of your product, art or services. An exhibition is a great fun & challenge when it comes to showcasing your company on top form.

There is a lot of fun in exhibition and as Exhibitions Organizing Company in Dubai ,we greatly focus on the guest experiencing the whole things around him/her. Our exhibition specialists ensure that we are going to have a great variety of exhibitors and their exhibition venues are well designed show.

It is pertinent to mention that the exhibition look is perfect and should feel like it is made for our exhibitors and guests to connect with each other in the best way possible.
We are ready to discuss your needs of setting contemporary exhibition halls as per your exact requirements.

It is important to mention the quality of visitors . Therefore, we have the complete process of qualification by means of which the respective visitors are determined to be buyer.

Ultimately, if you are desirous to set up a meeting to run your future exhibition of any form , we can brainstorm with any member of your team to achieve your goal to make your exhibition highly successful and then our exhibition idea makers can come back to you with some creative ideas and solutions as well as recommend you the appropriate venue to achieve your goal in the best possible manner.  We as Exhibitions Organizing Company in Dubai design massive and small exhibition stands from concept & design building. This is important for us and it means we can offer better value for you. We offer creative solutions The design process is not just about creating a flashy exhibition stand to be recognized among your competitors but it is also about creating a lasting experience and a space. An ideal design by an Exhibitions Organizing Company in Dubai must be functional and the purpose of an exhibition stand is to attract new customers for the exhibitor. We love lasting relationships Exhibiting at trade shows and event marketing can be a hard and expensive exercises. On the other hand, it can also be a rewarding and a fun way to gain brand popularity. When you partner with ASTS Events and Conferences, be assured that all your troubles are gone. We will stand by your side throughout the whole exhibition experience and you will feel safe and proud that you’ve made the right choice by trusting us as your exhibiting partners. We are not just building exhibition stands. We are building relationships. Your dedicated events manager will be with you, guiding you through whole process, whether you are a beginner or experienced exhibitor, we’ll look after you all the way. ASTS Events and Conferences can save you time and money during your next trade show. We are your number one global choice for trade show management based in Dubai & the whole of UAE. We realize that having a marketing plan for your exhibition is an integral part of a successful exhibit program experience or special event. ASTS Events and Conferences offer several services including:

1-Exhibition stands designed and production.
2- Exhibition stand rental or full purchase .
3- Transportation of stands.
4- Storage of exhibition material.
5- Setup and dismantling of stands etc.
ASTS Events and Conferences is a full-service exhibit and event management company as we are hired by clients from around the globe who believe in the quality of services that we provide. As an established international management network of industry professionals we give clients access to premier exhibitor service around the world.

Why ASTS Events and Conferences?

1-ASTS Events and Conferences eliminates the time-consuming task of researching overseas exhibit and event service providers.
2-ASTS Events and Conferences provides competitive fixed pricing helps clients achieve project objectives while enabling them to manage and forecast budgets.
3-ASTS Events and Conferences’s proposals are custom made to meet client every client’s needs, achieve goals and exceed expectations.
4-Each client enjoys the best in personalized service 24/7
5-ASTS Events and Conferences specializes in design and exhibition stand building, international exhibit rental, trade shows, conferences and event planning.
6-ASTS Events and Conferences is ready for your next project.


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