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You have the cause, the idea, and zeal to organize a fund raising event for your charitable organization. Well, running a successful event to raise money is easier said than done. ASTS Events and Conferences knows this because it provides Charity And Fundraising Functions Services In Dubai and has been actively involved in over 100 fundraising events to raise money for non-profits around the UAE since we began. However big or small, a fundraiser events attributes its success to proper planning.

How do you plan a fundraising event?

It is very important to have a plan at least six months ahead. This time san helps you have things needed in place. Within that period, you should be thinking about:

Type of event?

To draw people to an event, there must be lots of fun. ASTS Events and Conferences chooses golf fundraisers since they are popular and fun. It’s an amazing way for people to spend the day with friends while donating money for a good cause. It’s very important to look deeply at the type of event as company of Event Management Services in Dubai . We organize awesome Charity And Fundraising Functions Services In Dubai where people would want to participate in and share with the people in their networks


Your venue plays a very important role towards the success of your event. It helps get people excited about your charity activity. ASTS Events and Conferences is known to book would choose very beautiful golf courses. This makes the fundraising event special for the participants.

Who should sponsor?

Try to have as many people as possible onboard. ASTS Events and Conferences by being the number one sponsor for its Charity And Fundraising Functions Services In Dubai and gives clients amazing discounts while giving Event Management Services in Dubai. We do involve local companies and businesses within Dubai and the UAE who would like to take the opportunity to advertise. They come in with accessories like bag, branded clothes and food

Get volunteers

Volunteers are important and will save you money. In some cases, other charitable organizations volunteer services. Make sure you use social media to reach out to not only your contacts but to leverage your contacts as well. Try to lay the largest net. Ask many people as you can to come join hands with you. It is through this type of networking that people get to know about your event. ASTS Events and Conferences provides a big array of  Charity And Fundraising Functions Services In Dubai in its process of creating reliable friends for the same of this mutual benefit when it comes to provision charity, fundraiser and conference services.


Keep in mind these tips by ASTS Events and Conferences tips. Contact our specialist team for more information. A great event is key to getting people to return year after year so your charity organization can raise the funds to achieve its goals.


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