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Client Appreciation Events

“We at ASTS Events and Conferences would like to thank all our clients for continued support as our business partners.” This can be a strong statement to send to your clients but is that enough? Over the years, we provided Client Appreciation Events Services In Dubai. This is because apart from creation good customer relations, these events demonstrate our process in event management It’s valuable to know how to plan a customer appreciation event. They do tremendously improve customer satisfaction, referrals, retention, testimonials as well as sales. Scheduling a Client Appreciation Event ASTS Events and Conferences recommends holding such events around a large conventions especially in a town setting. Since these events are largely attended, creating a personal experience for every participant is the biggest huddle. This is achieved by having ushers and customer care teams all over the place to respond to individual needs of the attendants.

How Much to Spend
There are several factors to consider when creating your budget? The best practice that we have at ASTS Events and Conferences is to plan with the number of participants in mind. Approximately how many people are going to come based on the list of invited guests. How much does each of them spend on your product per year? What is their lifetime value to the company? You may also have competitors to take into account. This makes you want to spend just a bit more than your competitors are spending to outshine them. The worst thing that can happen is another company overshadowing your event. You also want to take into account their demographics, expectations and sensitivities. Customers for luxury products expect to be treated like VIPs, so keep the event small and exclusive. A good rule of thumb according to ASTS Events and Conferences because we have organized Client Appreciation Events Services In Dubai is to take the time to seek the opinion of your customers so as to personalize the experience whenever you can.

Who to Invite
You should invite about 75% current customers, 25% prospects. Since customers will be the majority, prospects will be around people who can answer their questions and give testimonies about your product. Consider inviting family and friends. Many business people appreciate the opportunity to spend time and experiences with their families at a fun activity. Make it clear on the invitation who is invited this will help the participants to decide whether to come with children or not. In most cases, children make part such events

Activities to Plan
All of these activities have been done successfully by aviation, high tech, and/or b2b. Strive to meet everyone need in terms of cuisine as well as entertainment. The dinning and winning should be creative year after year to keep the fire burning inside all your clients. Do you need an event for appreciating your clients planned for you? ASTS Events and Conferences provides Client Appreciation Events Services In Dubai as one of its leading services. Contact us today and let us be part of your joy and success.


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